Indias land resource essay

The capacity of these lands is limited due to environ-mental factors.

Major Causes Of Land Degradation In India

They are in urgent need of attention and have to be accorded the highest priority for treatment under watershed programs. Thus, land resources in India are crucial factors dealt by the Indian government and managed effectively according to the requirements.

Land comprises of a bundle of earth materials and vegetation cover. Land resources in India also include vast barren lands. Now it is also used for flooring in homes and offices. These resources include community pastures, community forests, wastelands and common dumping and threshing grounds.

For agricultural purposes, man has altered the texture and fertility of large tracts of fertile land and made the land unfit for cultivation and finally converted them into desert areas. Water and wind is the main agent causing soil erosion.

In spite of fairly high amount of available freshwater, India has a very low per capita availability of drinking water, about Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology has developed an environmentally friendly technology for processing ilmenite.

InIndia produced 1. Pollution of environment, rivers, ponds, dams and oceans by insecticides and waste products of the industries have depleted wildlife.

OIL are the leading companies with respect to production volume, while some foreign companies take part in upstream developments in joint-ventures and production sharing contracts. The trend of love for nature and due to less available space in city apartments, farm land is fast becoming the best option for land resources in India.

The practice of crop-rotation should be followed. Land conversion has resulted in social disruption and reduced vegetation cover. The mining sites are abandoned after excavation work is complete.

Natural Resources of India: Availability and Problems

Human being are at the center of two different equations. They occur in different agro climatic and soil zones of the country. Production increased to Million tonnes. When temperatures fall below freezing, the surface layers of lakes, rivers, and oceans cool faster and freeze before deeper water.

They occur in rare, naturally formed concentrations known as mineral deposits. About of them are unexplored for petroleum, because they are in the polar regions, deep water, the remote interior of continents or are restricted for political reasons, another have been explored to some extent without making commercial discoveries and the remaining are commercial producers.

This has resulted in water shortage. Natural forces such as landslides, earthquakes, floods, ice and snow also cause damage to plants, animals, soil, water etc.

The average annual availability and also utilizable surface water in different water basin of India in shown in Table 4. Soil erosion can be prevented by the following methods: Water is the only inorganic liquid that exists in nature, and it is the solvent in which most substances must be dissolved before cells can absorb, use, or eliminate them.

All snakes are, however, not poisonous. Carrying away of top soil, which is rich with nutrients, by water or wind is called soil erosion.

Essay on Natural Resources: Top 4 Essays | Geography

Wildlife includes all plants and animals that are not domesticated, but in strict sense, they are the undomesticated animals specially mammals, reptiles, birds and fishes which are generally hunted.

Real Estate lands are growing at an incredible rate in India. Copper has been used since ancient times. Thus there is great need for surface water collection, storage, treatment and supply at household level for domestic uses.Essay on Natural Resources | India | Environment.

Article shared by: Essay # 3. Land Resources: Land is another most vital resource as it will be used for production of crops and other biological materials needed for food. Free sample essay on water resources of India for kids, school and college students.

Water is an inexhaustible and valuable natural resource. The existence of the plant and animal kingdoms depends on water.

The population of India is in trouble. They are facing widespread overpopulation and the second largest AIDS epidemic in the world. The objective is to point out the differences in Indian and US population compositions, total fertility rates, economic conditions, disease control policies, growth, and literacy rates.

In order to utilise available land resources in India effectively, the country is re-organising efforts in the areas of land resource management. Thus, there has been a growth in land resource companies as well as in other service providers across the country. India occupies a land area of around 3, sq km.

Land Resources in India envelop approximately 1. 3 million sq miles and is a cape protruding into the Indian Ocean in between the Bay of Bengal on the east and Arabian Sea on the west.

The Indian landmass contains a multitude of both types of resource and its economy, especially in rural areas, is heavily dependent on their consumption or export. Due to over consumption, they are rapidly being depleted. General (% of it total land area).

Indias land resource essay
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